Friday, February 28, 2020

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‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’: Pompeo offers honest, if disturbing admission about CIA activity

In a rare moment of honesty, Mike Pompeo admitted to an audience that the CIA trains employees to “lie, cheat and steal.” While he seemed to find the whole thing funny, not everyone is amused, as RT found out. The CIA often asks American citizens and international leaders to believe some extraordinarily high-stakes claims. From warning countries around the world not to ... Read More »

Anthony Joshua KOs Alexander Povetkin in thriller to retain world heavyweight titles

It was  like Rumble in the Jungle, that’s for sure. There were blindside blows to the ribs, bone-crushing roundhouse1 punches, and blood-spattered warrior sprawled out on the canvas. And this is what RT (Russia Today portal) has to say about the thriller. World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua retained his titles with a dramatic 7th round KO of Russian challenger Aleksander ... Read More »

Kim Jong-un welcomes South Korean leader in Pyongyang for historic summit

  South Korean President Moon Jae-in has landed in Pyongyang for the historic summit with Kim Jong-un as part of the ongoing reconciliation process and talks on denuclearization of the peninsula. President Moon and his wife Kim Jung-sook were welcomed by the North Korean leader and Kim’s sister Yo-jong, as well as hundreds of locals. Their three-day trip to Pyongyang began ... Read More »

Russian military aircraft disappears over Latikiya on Syrian coast.

A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members  on board disappeared on the radars off the coast of  Latakiya, Syria on Monday evening. The plane disappeared from the radar while 4 Israeli F-16 planes were on bombing mission over the city. Reports from RT news ports says the plane lost contact with the air traffic controllers  and has not ... Read More »

Russia to deliver S-400 missiles to Turkey in 2019

Russia will begin S-400 missile system deliveries to Turkey in 2019 – a year earlier than previously announced. The move comes amid a growing rift between Turkey and its NATO allies in the West. “The contract on the S-400 to Turkey is being executed within the agreed timeline,” said Alexander Mikheyev, chief of Rosoboronexport, Russia’s state weapons exporter. “In 2019, we will begin to fulfil ... Read More »

Turkey election: Erdogan wins re-election as president

Turkey’s long-standing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the country’s presidential poll in the first round, the election authority chief says. Sadi Guven said the president “received the absolute majority of all valid votes”, but gave no further details. State media reports put Mr Erdogan on 53% with 99% of votes counted, and his closest rival Muharrem Ince on 31%. ... Read More »

Ethiopia accepts peace deal with longtime rival Eritrea

Ethiopia announced it will fully accept the terms of a peace agreement with neighbouring Eritrea in a major step towards calming deadly tensions with its decades-long rival. The news comes hours after Ethiopia lifted a state of emergency on Tuesday in what had been the most dramatic reform yet under new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has promised change after ... Read More »

As Andrea Horwath Surges, Undecided Voters Threaten to Upend Doug Ford’s Hopes in Canada’s Most Populated Province

Doug Ford’s poll lead over his rivals, particularly Andrea Horwath of the New Democratic Party (NDP), has dropped precipitously from a recent average of 13-18% to just 6%. Ford’s candidacy to be Premier of Ontario, Canada’s largest province by population, has generated interest from major media outlets south of the border. The New York Times, Washington Post, and US News and World Report all have ... Read More »